Vladimir Putin gifted body armour from Siberian historians

Historians in Siberia have gifted the Russian President a replica of an 8th century warrior suit, complete with shoulder pads, a shield and intimidating helmet in recognition of his ‘iron wolf’ character.

This unique gift is from the Novosibirsk State University comes after the recent visit by Putin to the university where he met with students.


The idea came from Dr Leonid Bobrov, a historian who attended the meeting on November 5. Initially he had wanted to send just a helmet but later it was decided the full replica armour would be made and given as a present.

Mr Bobrov said: ‘Usually to make an armour we take three, four, or five months. But this was made in just one and a half months. To do this, all masters stopped the work they were performing and all the efforts were thrown at the project.’

Paid for by NSU graduates, the armour was based on findings made at archaeological sites in the Altai and Tyva republics dating back to the seventh and eighth centuries.

The suit being sent to Mr Putin includes shoulder pads, a shield, spear, tunic and a belt, which itself comprises 50 individual silver plates.


It was made using the same original materials as those at the time it would have been worn, including silver, iron, leather, felt, and wood as well as hawk feathers.

Explaining why they chose to give the President armour from a Turkic warrior, the historian said it was because the soldiers of the day were known as strong ‘iron wolves’.

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