Swallow's Nest

The Swallow’s Nest – The Symbol of Crimea’s Coastline

The Swallow’s Nest is a moderate-sized Neo-Gothic castle that was built in 1912 in Gaspra, on the southern coastline of the Crimea. Even though the structure is just 20m long by 10m wide, it currently represents a very important tourist attraction in the Crimea thanks to its unique positioning and superb architecture.The 40m tall Aurora Cliff upon which the castle is perched today was originally occupied by a wooden cottage called the “Castle of Love”, which was built around 1895. The cottage was purchased by a Baltic German noble named Baron von Steingel in 1911, who eventually replaced it with the building that we can see today. Since its original owner was German, it makes sense that the castle would be somewhat similar to other German masterpieces such as the Stolzenfels Castle and Neuschwanstein Castle. However, its dramatic positioning on the side of the cliff reminds of the Miramare Castle in Italy.The general interior arrangements of the castle involve beautifully painted walls, but the guest room is a little bit different because it features wooden panels. The Swallow’s Nest features its own observation deck that allows visitors to feast their eyes on magnificent views of the sea.Shortly after the Russian Revolution of 1917, the castle operated exclusively as an attraction for tourists. In 1927, a massive earthquake damaged it slightly, while the cliff was severely cracked. During the 1930s, the building was used as a reading club but was closed because of certain earthquake-related safety concerns. However, the castle was restored in 1968, and since 1975, it has been the home of a Italian restaurant. The landmark was closed for 3 months in 2011 in order to facilitate a major restoration project. If you find yourself in Crimea in the foreseeable future, then you simply must include the Swallow’s Nest on your visiting list.

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