Putin Awards Medals to Russian Families with Seven or More Children

Vladimir Putin presented the Order of Parental Glory to parents of large families from Russia’s nine federal districts.

The Order of Parental Glory is awarded to parents (including adoptive parents), who have raised seven or more children and pay great care to the next generation’s health, education, and physical, spiritual and moral development. The decoration was instituted by a presidential executive order in May 2008, and was first awarded on January 13, 2009.

Considering the population problem of all Slavic countries, we think that this is a wonderful initiative to promote family values and higher birthrate among Slavs.

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    • Takahara Kenji (賢治の高原)

      Good for him!

    • RMM

      An inspiring leader who promotes family values and traditional morality in a disturbed, rudderless world

      • Tony T.

        well said