“March of the Victorious” in Belgrade, featuring honorable guest Vladimir Putin

InSerbia-MParade-2-3The 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade from the Nazis was marked yesterday by the biggest Serbian military parade in the last 30 years. Another extraordinary thing about this parade was its honorable guest – Vladimir Putin, the president of the Russian Federation. On this occasion, he was awarded the Order of The Republic of Serbia by the Serbian president, Tomislav Nikolic.

Both presidents held lengthy speeches, reminding the audience that the liberation of Belgrade in WWII would not have been possible without the Soviet Red Army. They also spoke of the World War I, which started exactly 100 years ago, and was again marked by strong collaboration between Serbian and Russian troupes. Belgrade is one of the few cities in which both, Tsarist and Soviet soldiers fell fighting along with the natives and monuments were raised in their honor ever since. The most recent one, representing Russian Tsar Nicholas II Romanov, was erected this week in Belgrade and visited by the Russian president yesterday. He also laid wreaths at the monument of Belgrade’s liberators, together with Tomislav Nikolic.

Russian Tsar Nicholas II - statue in BelgradeThe military parade, called “The March of the Victorious” started with paratroopers landing with Serbian and Russian flags. The event featured around 4500 Serbian soldiers who marched and showed their skills in spite of the heavy rain. Around 300 of different military products were displayed, including tanks, armored vehicles and howitzers, while planes and helicopters were flying over the spot. Simultaneously, fifteen vessels of the Serbian River Flotilla, including special purpose ship “Kozara” sailed down the Danube, and their progress was displayed at the video beam. The parade ended with the famous Russian aerobatic group Strizhy (“Swifts”), whose amazing performance was followed by the composition “March on the Drina”. Four planes showed several formations to the excited audience, and the fifth closed the show performing the figure of “a lion”. Their breath-taking acrobatic figures are very hard to record, but the video beneath the gallery is one of the best attempts.

Prior to the parade, Vladimir Putin gave an interview for Serbian newspaper “Politika” in which he harshly criticized USA’s foreign policy. He also reassured Serbia that Russian attitude towards the problem of Kosovo remains unchanged. Namely, Russia is one of the countries which refused to recognize Kosovo as an independent state, after its secession from Serbia in 2008. The good relations between the two countries were confirmed by agreements about the increased trade and an exchange of military technology.







Vesna Adic

Vesna Adic holds an MA degree in Art History from the University of Belgrade and has graduated with the Mention of Excellence from the Paideia Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden. She is a certified curator, an experienced public speaker and a freelance writer. Her major interests are history, 19th century art & literature, music and traveling.

    • Mekka

      Putin is a clown who has become a butcher. He is not a Slav but satan incarnate. Shame on you.

      • Vesna Adic

        Your strong aversion towards Putin does not change some facts:
        1) He’s definitely a Slav.
        2) According to the “Forbes”, he is a No. 1 of the most influential people in the world (for a second year in a row).
        3) This is the website about Slavs. Especially influential ones.