Bojnice - One of the Most Visited Castles in Central Europe

Bojnice – One of the Most Visited Castles in Europe

Bojnice Castle (Slovak: Bojnický zámok) is one of the most recognisable castles in Central Europe. A medieval Romantic castle built in the 12th century, Bojnice has some original Gothic and Renaissance elements.

This fairy-tale castles is situated on the edge of the Strážovské Vrchy Mountains over the town of Bojnice near Prievidza, Slovakia.

The castle was rebuilt in 1889-1910 and has undergone a complete reconstruction after a massive fire in 1950.

The castle has a museum, and is surrounded by a park which contains the Bojnice Zoo, the oldest and one of the most visited zoos in Slovakia.

Bojnice Castle welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors a year and is a popular filming location for fantasy and fairy-tale movies.

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